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Working Group on Silk in Val Lagarina (Trento – Italy)

Vallagarina was one of the most renowned silk production centers in Italy between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This industry has left behind a rich and widespread heritage consisting of urban and architectural elements, images, stories, and knowledge. The municipalities of Rovereto, Ala, and Villa Lagarina have come together to reconstruct the long silk thread that connects the territory to the rest of the world, spanning from the past to the present, through ancient trade routes, and projecting it towards the future. Following the enhancement of the Silk District in Vallagarina through a participatory design process, the training and co-design path “Tra il Dire e il Fare” (Between Talking and Doing) was born, subject to a call for young people under 35. At the core of the project is the desire to enhance the young people of the territory, providing them with the necessary tools to reconstruct and enhance the unique history of Vallagarina.

This activity overlaps with the ARACNE project, so the municipalities mentioned above have requested that part of the envisaged training webinars be connected to this project and become a basis for the establishment of a local Silk Road in Trentino. A school in the municipality of Rovereto, in fact, will also be part of the educational training project of ARACNE in the 2023-24 school year.

On November 30, 2023, a webinar by Dr. Silvia Cappellozza, together with Dr. Diana Mantegazza, both from the Silkworm Laboratory of CREA-Agriculture and Environment, will be held, titled “The role of schools in ARACNE project” . On December 18, 2023, a webinar by Dr. Alessio Saviane from the Silkworm Laboratory of CREA-Agriculture and Environment will be held, titled “The state of the art of silkworm rearing in Italy today.” Another one will follow later (the title will be confirmed).

Useful links: Tra il dire e il fare | APT Rovereto e Vallagarina (


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