Advisory Board

During the project, a real-time analysis of the project progress in terms of IP assets generation will be conducted, in order to guarantee that the relevant foreground achieved is also assessed to check if qualify for IP protection.

Luisella Pavan WoolfeDirector of Council of Europe, Venice office (Strasbourg, France/Venice, Italy)
Josè Cenis AnadonEx professor at IMIDA (Murcia, Spain)
Michael WoltjeResearch Associate at Institut für Textilmaschinen und Textile Hochleistungswerkstofftechnik (ITM) (Dresden, Germany)
Luigi Fusco GirardEmeritus Professor, ex University of Naples Federico II, at CNR IRISS (Naples, Italy)
Antonia GravagnuoloResearcher at CNR IRISS (Naples, Italy)
Ruba SalehResearcher at ICHEC Brussels Management School (Brussels, Belgium)
Christian OstProfessor and ex dean of ICHEC Brussels Management School (Brussels, Belgium)
Nevio BenvenutoHead of CSR & Sustainability at Gucci
Roberto FormatoManaging Director and Tourism Development Consultant