The ARACNE strategy seeks to achieve short-term Expected Outcomes during the project's lifetime while also enabling long-term Wider Impacts beyond the project duration.

Communication efforts will create awareness and interest in the project's results among various stakeholders.

The Plan focuses on communicating, disseminating, and leveraging the project's goals, progress, outcomes, and results to the target audience. It aims to engage stakeholders, raise awareness, and enhance the project's impact and sustainability.

Inform and educate the target audience about the project through various communication channels, such as website content, newsletters, social media, presentations, meetings, and reports, to provide accurate and up-to-date information.
Engage and involve stakeholders in the project to build relationships, create a sense of ownership, and promote collaboration for the success of the project.
Showcase the results and outcomes of the project to the target audience through communication materials such as case studies, success stories, infographics, or videos, to demonstrate the value and relevance of the project and contribute to its sustainability.
Exploit the project results by identifying and pursuing opportunities for further utilization, commercialization, or replication of project outcomes to maximize impact and ensure long-term sustainability beyond the project duration.
Evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of communication activities by collecting feedback and measuring key performance indicators for continuous improvement of communication strategies.