The ARACNE project aims to implement innovative strategies for CCIs and SMEs, with specific support for start-ups and SMEs to innovate their business models.

The project will study and apply new models for the valorization of silk-built heritage and landscapes, developing business, governance, and financing models. The project will also prioritize respecting individual IPR and conduct a real-time analysis of the project's progress in terms of IP assets generation. These models will be a starting point for further exploitations, such as research, policy development, and inspiring new initiatives.


D 1.1
Guidance model to collect data for schools and communities with tutorial and instructions.
D 1.3
Guidance model to collect mulberry samples.
D 1.5
Guidance model to collect cocoon samples and list of strains to select for each country.
D 5.1
Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan