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Visit to the silk museum by students – Soufli

15/11/2023 Soufli, Silk Museum

In preparation for the school activities of the ARACNE project, students of the High School/Junior High School of Soufli visited the local Silk Museum, a museum that is owned by PIOP, a partner in the ARACNE project.

The Silk Museum is housed in the “Kourtidis mansion”, a former residence of Dr. Konstantinos Kourtidis and his family that was built in 1883. The thoroughly-renovated mansion has a distinct architectural design and an even more impressive interior architecture that allowed for in-house silkworm rearing to be carried out in certain parts of the mansion.
A guided tour by Mrs. Dimitra Dimiskidou (PIOP) was conducted with 19 participating students.  

The participating students of the High School/Junior High School of Soufli [© PIOP]

Students were guided through the various museum exhibits that elegantly narrate the history of silk production in Soufli since the 19th century.

Photo 2: Students are guided through the elegantly exhibited artifact and narrated displays of the museum [© PIOP]

Videos on the traditional aspects of silk production in Soufli and the specialized silkworm rearing houses of Soufli were shown so that students can gain a clear appreciation of their own cultural heritage and their cultural identity and thereby be better informed during the scheduled activities of the ARACNE project that involve their active participation/collaboration.

Students attend the video session. Note the presence of the traditional “rearing beds” where silkworms used to be reared on [© PIOP]

After staying a couple of hours in the premised of the museum, students were instructed on how to integrate the knowledge they have acquired and the notes they have taken into the tasks they have been assigned to.

Students at the end of their visit to the museum. Note the mulberry tree that adorns the interior patio of the Kourtidis mansion. This mulberry tree is of the local mulberry variety called “Brusa or Prousa”. Also a note on climate change: Despite the fact that it is already the middle of November, the mulberry still has all its leaves green, a very unusual phenomenon for a northern town such as Soufli [© PIOP]

More information about the Silk Museum of Soufli can be found on its website

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