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Traditional and cultural association visits the IMIDA Silk Museum

On March 26th 2024, 23 children and 6 adults from the traditional and cultural association “Peña Huertana El Almirez” (La Alberca, Murcia, Spain) have visited the old Sericulture Station of Murcia, where silk exhibition of the Silk Museum at IMIDA is located.

The visit consisted on a visualization and explanation about the Silk History and silkworm rearing in Murcia, as well as our cultural heritage. The visitors could see and understand the old instruments used to produce and procese silk, the ancient silkworm rearing practise and the activities and aplications of sericulture research performed in the old Sericulture Station of Murcia.

This association conserves music, dances, clothing, and traditions of Murcia. The children were very participative and interested in all involving the silkworm breeding, as murcian children, they still rear silkworms in a playful way as a traditional habitus during this spring season.

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