Members of the Business Network "Bachcicoltura Setica" attending the notarised signing of the contract.

The Veneto Silkworm Network is born

Another step towards the revival of silkworm rearing in Veneto and the Aracne silk ecosystem creation

Veneto farmers, the historic founders of the Business Network “Bachicoltura Setica” (“Fair Sericulture”), have decided to commit themselves with even greater conviction to the revival of silkworm rearing and mulberry cultivation in Veneto. In fact, last Monday 15th April, the Business Network became a legal and economic entity. There are seven members of the network: ‘Il Brolo Società Agricola srl” based in Teolo (PD), the “Cooperativa Sociale Onlus – Cantiere della Provvidenza” based in Belluno and the farms of Diego Trevisan (Piombino Dese – PD), Massimo Miotto (Istrana – TV), Lino Bernardo (Massanzago – PD), Elena Frazza (Montagnana – PD) and Iolanda Reato (Paese – TV).  The subject of the agreement focus on carrying out the following activities:

  1. to rebuild the silk production chain, first in the Veneto region and then in Italy, according to ethical criteria, ethical also meaning a fair remuneration of the work of each of the parties involved; 2. to rediscover ancient trades while bringing research and innovation to the same; 3. to create added value for all the parties involved.

  2. to contribute to the restoration of the environment.

  3. To adopt the specifications for mulberry cultivation and silkworm rearing drawn up by CREA of Padua in order to guarantee quality and natural treatment.

  4. To market cocoons and all the by-products of silkworm rearing.

  5. providing services related to silkworm cocoon processing using its own equipment and machinery; 8. Participating in regional and international calls for projects in agriculture 9. Share and disseminate knowledge and developments of operational processes also through training, consultancy, coaching, always with a view to ethical and natural cultivation, in order to increase skills, production capacity, and cultivation efficiency.
The president of the network is Mr. Lino Bernardo, the vice-president is Ms. Giorgia Pattaro.

This growth in the Network participants’ awareness of their role in the recovery of Italian sericulture also stems from a long period of work alongside the CREA Centre for Agriculture and Environment, Laboratory of sericulture in Padua, carried out from 2015-2016. Also fundamental was the creation of the Serinnovation Operating Group, which, thanks to the ‘vision’ of the Veneto Region, which supported its birth, allowed five of the seven networkers to work side by side for many years to create the supply chain. Last but not least, the action of the industries that supported the chain with the purchase of cocoons, among which special credit goes to D’orica of Nove (VI). Now the last achievement was the Aracne project that foresees a special activity dedicated to the farmers and their work with the territory Museums to create a specific cultural and touristic itinerary on silk in the Region.

This is therefore a wonderful example, in which the transfer of research and innovation, supported by the farsightedness of industry and local authorities, rewards the action of agricultural enterprises, which with courage and determination have embarked on a risky activity, because with a final product market that is not consolidated and with a supply chain that largely has to be created; moreover, a generational relay is being witnessed, within the same companies, to pass on important know-how that gives young agricultural entrepreneurs a chance to supplement their income.

Members of the Business Network "Bachcicoltura Setica" attending the notarised signing of the contract.

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