sgaetada 2

The traditional “SGAETATURA” in Massanzago, Italy

The dissemination activities also involve the recovery of popular traditions. This is the case with the “SGAETATURA,” a dialect term used in the Veneto region of Italy, which refers to the cleaning of silk cocoons. It is not just a ritual but an activity that, like the grape harvest, once brought together many people who also derived economic sustenance for their family life. In Massanzago (PD – Italy), as every year, the Lino Bernardo farm on the 30th June turned the ancient tradition of cocoon cleaning into a village festival, demonstrating to visitors the manual skills and expertise required for sorting the cocoons into commercial classes and personally involving them in the “sgaetatura.”

Garden Center Lino Bernardo is a company with multi-year experience as a nursery as well as in the design and building of parks and gardens. For a number of years it has specialised in the production of mulberry cuttings, working with CREA, Padua, for more than 15 years to bring a new lease of life to moriculture and sericulture in Veneto and Italy. Together with other silkworm farmers, in 2017 it contributed towards founding the Network of Agricultural Companies “Bachicoltura Setica” (Fair sericulture), of which Lino Bernardo is the President.

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