The secret of success is cooperation!

The secret of success is cooperation. The ARACNE team from the University of Maribor planted mulberry trees in the vineyards at the Toplišek farm. With this, we revived the traditional Italian concept of “mulberries married to vine”. In addition, by planting mulberries in the vineyards, the ARACNE team not only enriched the Toplišek farm with this ecologically grateful tree, but also contributed to the revival of the successful traditional cultivation practice present in mid-19th century at the estate of mansion Plevna and several other places in Lower Styria.

Take a look at the video report on the mulberry planting activity at Toplišek Vineyard (Ljudje in zemlja (People and Soil), RTV SLO1- Agricultural reportage). The interested part is between 33:40 and 43:25 minutes.

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