Activities in Slovenia related to silk

Radio Programme Poglobljeno: Svila, žlahtna nit

The programme presents sericulture and silk making, once active in Styria. In recent years research institutions have revived them through various projects, including the University of Maribor and the private Institute for Sericulture and Silk Making in Maribor. The programme summarises how they are reviving an old tradition with new experiences and how they are finding a way for the new Slovenian silk to reach consumers, not only in the classic textile industry, but also through the production of more sophisticated industrial materials and for medicine.

The Ptuj Ormož Regional Museum was presented, which is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year

The Textile Conservation and Restoration Workshop working also on silk artefacts is celebrating its 40th anniversary. On the occasion of the anniversary, an exhibition on the skills and secrets of master weavers has been announced in the programme, which will be on display in the East Tower of Ptuj Castle until December. The programme further announced the event of the 41st Idrija Lace Festival, in Idrija from 16 to 18 June on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Idrija Lace Association. The cooperation of the Idrija Lace School with the Institute of Sericulture and Sericulture was highlightened in terms of lace making from Slovenian silk. Dr. Rebeka Lucijana Berčič was interviewed on the occasion and presented the activities, the lace exhibition of Slovenian silk that were prepared for the event.Andreja Urbanek Krajnc was interviewed to present the ARACNE project and the activities of the University of Maribor, ranging from the inventory of mulberry to the reconstruction of old patterns of silk artefacts and technological innovations from mulberry and silk cocoon waste.

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