School visit to IMIDA Silk Museum

On Febrary 28th 2024, 46 students from the Primary School Saavedra Fajardo (Algezares, Murcia, Spain) have visited the silk exhibition of the Silk Museum at IMIDA, located in the premises of the old Sericulture Station of Murcia. 

The students were divided in 2 groups sorted by age (8-9 and 11-12 years old) to complete the visit, which included a visualization and explanation about the Silk History in Murcia, as well as our cultural heritage. The students could see and understand the old instruments used to produce and procese silk, the ancient silkworm rearing practise and the activities and aplications of sericulture research performed in the old Sericulture Station of Murcia.

This event was very participative for student and they were very satisfied and interested in all involving the silk industry. Moreover, teachers were more interested in ARACNE project and its aims.

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