[re]Think Silk – Cotsen Textile Traces Colloquium

The Cotsen Textile Traces Study Center at The George  Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum, Washington, D.C., with the support from the Rubin-Ladd Foundation and the Cotsen Textile Traces Study Collection Endowment organizes the colloquium “re-[Think] Silk” an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural examination of silk and sericulture with the intervention of different experts of the topic, speaking in three thematic Sections: 

1. “Silk Around the World“, which reveals the global biodiversity of moths that produce silk cocoons of silk used to make textiles; 

2. “Silk as an Interface Between Cultures“, which explores the social and psychological appeal of silk in different regions; 

3. “Silk Innovations“, which considers contemporary technological and bioengineering  efforts to modify silk and to use this material for other uses than ordinary textiles.

Silvia Cappellozza has been asked to give an overview of the use of silk at the intersection of science, technology and art. During her presentation, she will briefly explain the context and objectives of the Aracne project.

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