Itinerando – Sustainability paths

Villa Chiozza in Scodovacca is a magical place for sericulture. It was there that Luis Pasteur and Luigi Chiozza (1828-1889), an illustrious chemist, conducted their research to find a cure for the terrible epidemic that ravaged Europe in the mid-19th century, destroying silkworm rearing and dramatically decreasing cocoon production. It was there that the famous silkworm ‘cellular egg production system’ was devised, which is still used today to control the dreaded parasitic fungus responsible for the disease. What better place for the Mar & Tiaris strategy (an Italian project begun four years ago) to organise a conference on the mulberry tree, a characteristic element of the Friulian agricultural landscape, a tree essence linked to silk production, but also a living support for the vine? The conference will discuss traditions and history, give information on the oasis of Vivaro, where ancient relicts of this species are preserved, but also how Mar & Tiaris intends to valorise the mulberry. On this occasion, mulberry cuttings produced by CREA will be handed over to the farms involved in the Mar & Tiaris project, as a sign of a new tension towards a future deeply rooted in the past. A mulberry trail in Friuli-Venezia Giulia that aims to link up with a supranational European itinerary… a further step towards linking up the routes, the foundations of which were laid by the law on mulberry preservation in Veneto, joining with Slovenia, passing through Friuli-Venezia Giulia… the Aracne route is beginning to take shape, linking up several different regions!

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