100 years of silk

One hundred years ago, the foundation stone of the new headquarters of the Experiment Sericulture Station, today the Sericulture Laboratory of the Research Centre for Agriculture and Environment of CREA, was laid. The purpose was to provide a suitable space for research, experimentation, and dissemination of healthy silkworm eggs, activities that had already begun, in the city of Padua, in 1871, by decree of King Victor Emmanuel II.

A century passed since the birth of the new building has not gone unnoticed: the most tangible legacy has been a visionary project that led to the establishment of a scientific, conservation, museum, and educational hub of great symbolic value for the city of Padua, Veneto, and all of Italy. In this way, the historical and living collections of silkworms and mulberry trees, as well as the heritage of silk production traditions and knowledge, have been preserved. From here, and only from here, can silk production in Europe restart, for both traditional and innovative applications, and the attempt of the cultural and creative industry to make our silk cultural heritage a strength for the development of future “made in Italy” and tourist itineraries that pass through rural territories.

During the meeting on November 27th, there will be presentations by politicians, researchers and industrial stakeholdersnwho collaborate with the Sericulture Laboratory of CREA, to with a view on the past, present, and future research and lines of development for this activity. As part of the future prospects, there will be a section entirely dedicated to the Aracne project.

During the morning of the 28th, a video conference will be held to explain to schools that intend to participate in the Aracne project how the activities for the school-year 2023-24 will be carried out, as well as the results already achieved by a high school class in Vittorio Veneto (TV), Italy, which has tested the information gathering work on the territory for the preparation of a virtual map regarding cultural heritage. There will also be a section dedicated to illustrating how schools will work on historical mulberry trees and there will be the presentation first political initiatives for the creation of a regional Silk itinerary in Veneto.

Type of event: congress

When: Monday, November 27, 2023

Time: 9:30-16.30

Where: “Malesia” room, Esapolis Museum – Via dei Colli, 28, Padua


Live streaming on youtube

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Type of event: school happening and open visits for school students

When: Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Time: 9:30-12:30; 14:00-18:00

Where: “Malesia” room, Esapolis Museum – Via dei Colli, 28, Padua

Open event

Live streaming on youtube (9:30-12:30)

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