The ArcGIS DemoMap of Vittorio Veneto

The class 3A of the classical high school "Marcantonio Flaminio" during the academic year 2022-2023 acted as a pilot class for the educational experiment that led to development of the format of the Cultural Heritage path within the Aracne project.

Professor Giorgio Reolon guided the students who participated in the activities during the hours foreseen by the italian educational system for the development of transversal competences and school orientation (PCTO). The educational workshop titled "New Millennium Bug: Past, Present, and Future of Silkworm Farming in Veneto", developed in collaboration with the University of Padua and the CREA Research Centre Agriculture and Environment, Laboratory of Sericulture of Padua, served as the model for defining the phases and methods to implement the Educational Project paths proposed by the Aracne project.


The students began their activities with a visit to the Silkworm Museum in Vittorio Veneto, which provided them with preliminary information for their research. Working in small groups, the students conducted field research in their surrounding area, gathering information and interviewing people involved in the silk-related culture. Historically, the territories within the municipality of Vittorio Veneto and the neighbouring towns have been important for the Italian sericulture sector, and there are still industries related to silk production and processing.

The DemoMap below is the product presented in the Italian language, serving as an example of the expected outcomes from the ongoing workshops in the current academic year with schools in Greece, Italy, and Slovenia. By clicking on the geolocated points, you can open the corresponding map with the description and multimedia materials created by the students.

The map will soon be available in English language and will become part of the European Silk Route Map, which is made up of the work of all the schools currently involved in the educational activities of the Aracne project.