Launch of the ARACNE project coordinated by CREA Agriculture and Environment

Kick-off Meeting, 06 – 07th March 2023, 09:00 a.m.

Padua – Esapolis Museum, Malesia room

The ARACNE project – “Advocating the Role of Silk Art and Cultural Heritage at National and European Scale”, coordinated by CREA and involving institutional and private partners from all over Europe, is about to start with the aim of revitalising the Italian silk industry and creating a European silk route.

ARACNE, one of the three projects coordinated by Italy and selected in the Horizon Europe programme (intervention line “Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society”, call “Research and Innovation on Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries”, dedicated to research and development in the cultural and creative sector), aims to create a European cultural identity linked to the silk industry, revitalising it – which is also an Italian excellence – through the creation of a multi-stakeholder network (production world, university and research, institutions, schools and civil society), which, through numerous multidisciplinary initiatives, promotes in the territory a centuries-old past of great tradition and a present under the banner of innovation, sustainability, fashion and tourism.

The session will be opened by Luca De Carlo, President of the Ninth Standing Committee of the Senate – Industry, Commerce, Tourism, Agriculture and Food Production.

Speakers will include Enzo Moretto, Director of the Esapolis Museum, Daniele Canella, Vice-President of the Province of Padua, Andrea Colasio, Councillor for Culture of the City of Padua, Luisella Pavan Wolfe, Director of the Council of Europe, Silvia Cappellozza, Director of CREA Agriculture and Environment, Raffaele Cavalli University of Padua Dip. TESAF, representative of Villa Revedin Bolasco, Andrea Caracausi, Deputy Director of Dissgea University of Padua, Father Antonio Ramina, Rector of the Basilica del Santo and Giuseppe Corti, Director of CREA Agriculture and Environment.

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