The preciousness of gold and the sinuosity of the finest of all yarns

This undoubtedly courageous decision stems from the goldsmith company's firm determination to pursue the goals it has stated from the outset and thus encourage the resumption of 100% Made in Italy silk production, thanks also to the creation of silk and gold jewels. This decision allowed the silkworm rearers to see their work recognized economically and 'ethically,' thus having the resources to be able to allocate to the management of future rearing activities. The reactivation of a small old spinning reeling machine of Japanese manufacture made it possible to reactivate the silk reeling process to produce good quality silk thread with a process with the quality characteristics required by the industry, but in an artisanal dimension. CREA-AA in Padua has been planning annual support activities for silkworm rearing campaigns since those years, in order to be able to meet the many requests coming from all over the Italian peninsula, from many farmers and enthusiasts.

The ethical silk

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